November 23, 2012, by Gemma

7 Days

Om nom nom

Today’s breakfast: Sausage & ketchup in a toasted bagel

When it’s really cold I eat a lot more than I need to. In the past 6 days, I’ve had waffles with golden syrup pretty much every morning (and some evenings), about 7 pork sausages, Chinese take-out twice, and a lot of crisps/sweets. I don’t know what it is about the cold weather, but it turns me into an eating machine! Some may call it greedy…I call it ‘building up my winter fat to prepare for hibernation’.

Black wool hat time

To help fight the bitter cold, I bought myself a hat. I’ve never really been a hat person to be honest, but lay eyes on this little beauty in H&M & just had to get it!  Pure and simple.




In other news…

I’ve had an old Craig David tune in my head for ages…you know the “Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday…Thursday, Friday and Saturday” one. So I have decided to summarize my week “Craig David – Seven Days” style…

Played lacrosse on Monday, then I ate Chinese on Tuesdayyyy, had an aerials class on Wednesday, and then on Thurs chilled, Friday will partay, more lacrosse on Sunday.

The fancy dress theme for the party tonight is ‘historical US figures’ or “just come as whatever”. After a quick Google search, nothing particularly takes my fancy, so I have opted for the “whatever” approach, and dug out some rabbit ears I was given at Fresher’s Fair. They even light up! Exciting stuff.

See you next Friday!

Oh, and here’s that catchy Craig David tune:

Just over a month until Xmas… 😀


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