November 21, 2012, by Sarah


Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

A case in point below of me crying with laughter before going to a ball (I’m not normally dressed that formally). My flatmates were pretending to rap.

Funny Times

I love my Uni friends – and random moments of joy that have really made me chuckle.

This week these moments have made me laugh too much:

Apparently Russell Crowe in Noah is FatLad Hench – quote: “pure beef”

  • My friend and I making up boot-camp style Dietitians motivation/shouty things and coming up with : ARE YOU A DIETITIAN OR A CRY-ITITIAN????  I’ve decided a Cryititian is someone who acts as Dietitian, but writes all the medical notes with their own tears. Don’t do that – you’ll get a caution with record keeping.
  • My friends from the fungalow  (they live in a bungalow and it’s FUN) describing the concept of Fatlad Hench. This is apparently when someone is a bit chubby but also muscular and I quote “they have really hench pecks but if they don’t exercise it just becomes full-on man boobs.” This was a new concept to me.
  • Singing ABC by the Jackson 5 really loudly with a friend after church and not knowing all the words – so just mumbling high pitched stuff and “something something” then fully launching into “ABC, EASY AS 123.” That song is classic.
  •  Hearing the story of my friend who was doing leg exercises at the gym and then could barely walk, but had to blag it pretending he was doing stretches for a bit, then walk down the stairs clutching the rail with legs buckling at every step. “I’m fine guys, totally fine, just taking my time I swear…”
  • Going to a taste-testing thing on SB (yay sensory science centre – £10 for me!) and discovering a book of insults from 1965. One of them was “She’s so unnattractive, when the boss chases her around the desk, he walks.”Wow.

    Comedy Gold

Sutton Bonington is rather beautiful and autumnal at the moment but getting cold. I am so glad my house has bills included in the rent – so we can all be toasty warm.

Apparently it’s a few weeks until Christmas which freaks me out – when did this happen? It’s still September right? Oh those deadlines are next week? Don’t we have four weeks more? Turns out that was the case, four weeks ago.

However, there are already a few plans for Fakemas (Fake Christmas) meals which is always good – love a turkey roast and Christmas pudding.

In fact, the day after the end of this term my family are having a group Christmas meal in a really nice pub in a nearby village called Normanton on Soar. It’s by the river soar and there are some lovely views and good food. I’m seriously looking forward to it.


Anyway, when speaking of laughter I think of this:

Hope everyone’s well and looking forward to Fakemas!

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