November 20, 2012, by Beca

The joys of Skype and other timewasting opportunities the internet holds


I have a confession.  Skype is my new best friend (sorry Shez).  Its such a great way to keep in contact with friends around the country, whether they’re at different unis, home or just generally living/working far away. If you don’t have it, GET IT! You’re missing out.

Positives =)

  • It’s free and means you can use your phone minutes on more boring things like talking to your parents
  • You get to chat face to face so much more of a laugh than a normal phone conversation
  • Your connection can conveniently fail at any time of your choosing
  • You can type the things you don’t want your housemates overhearing


  • You will start a conversation at 11 and still be on it at 4am
  • You will mean to be writing a presentation but start off a game of truth and dare instead
  • Awkward silences are really really awkward
  • If you look ok then you will look a mess on web cam.  If you look a mess already then just don’t bother
  • You can’t watch iplayer at the same time.

If you have a 9am meeting in the city centre do not still be online at 4am.  You will regret it.


Whether its comedy sketches, silly videos, music or whatever else takes your fancy.  YouTube is going to stop you doing your work.  I tell myself everytime I’m just gonne listen to some music but then I click on a video instead of a playlist, leading to another video and another.

I am going to treat you all though =) Last year one of my lecturers played this in the middle of the lecture to make sure we were all still awake and paying attention.  The whole hall was in stitches.

Never say no to Panda


Need I even say it ?  I spend an insane amount of time on there, even when I’m working its open in a tab ‘just incase’ someone I like talking to says hi.

Positives =)

  • You can see all those pictures from last night
  • Groups = the best way to make sure everyone knows whats going on
  • Events pages ^ (as above)
  • You won’t forget your friends birthdays
  • You don’t have to work up the courage to ask someone for their number, just add them on Facebook


  • Everyone else can see all those pictures from last night that you don’t actually remember being taken
  • Of your 600 friends you actually talk to maybe 50 of them
  • You will spend vast amounts of time on pointless games just to realise you have no friends to help you and then give up
  • Privacy and Facebook don’t really go hand in hand.

If you do link your phone to Facebook never, I repeat, NEVER, let anyone steal your phone and send a mass text.  It will go to every idiot who is your friend on Facebook and has their number on their profile.  They will want to know who is texting them.  They will reply.  Your phone will combust and it. will. die.

Are you falling victim?

This is what my computer looks like right now…

I’m supposed to be working on a presentation

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