November 19, 2012, by Shane

Winter adjustment

Winter brings the craziest things

Walking around campus last week I noticed the funniest things. With only 4 weeks left (sorry, that’s a scary thought I know) and deadlines breathing down our necks like there’s no tomorrow, it’s easy to walk around campus with your blinkers on, not noticing the most peculiar behaviour. Yet, out of the corner of my eye I spotted:

  • Guys regretting  ‘Movember’ because their moustaches are starting to take on a life of their own, and they now resemble forty year old men. At the other end of the spectrum you can see some guys are attempting ‘Movember’, but it’s just not happening for them (Hey, we’ve all been there before and the effort is still admirable).
  • I’ve also seen a couple of guys walking around campus … in shorts and flip flops. Are they from the Arctic? Do they think this is summer? I suppose with the poor excuse for summer we get in England, they’re probably just trying to stick it to Mother Nature.
  • You can also tell deadlines are looming because Hallward is now open 24/7 and I’ve seen some students wander in sometime in the late afternoon, equipped with a flask, a blanket, a Sainsburys bag and dressed in something close to pyjamas – all nighter survival kit?
  • So funny it hurts? Autumns out, winters in, but not before the fall left a wet, slippery blanket of leaves covering the pavements. This proved unfortunate for a student who slipped and bailed face first on Derby road. The experience would have been less traumatizing if the bus she needed hadn’t just turned up and she had bailed in front of a bus load of people. She seemed to survive, so no lasting physical damage at least.

The photo above of my mate and I shows our attempt at ‘Movember’ last year. I lasted till about the 20th November and then couldn’t stand the feeling of it on my face anymore. Therefore, I have the utmost respect for any lad who does the whole month!

Until next week readers, have a good one and watch out for those leaves!

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