November 19, 2012, by Kiran

Show Time

So my week has pretty much consisted of several proposals and quite a few bear sightings. Yes, it’s been a busy week (hence why this blog is a day late, sorry!)


Anyway, going back to that first rather obscure yet true statement, all week I have been at rehearsals for The Proposal and The Bear (being performed today and tomorrow in the Performing Arts Studio…everybody come and see it) watching the plays over and over again and they’re still funny which is a good sign!

So yesterday I spent the entire day in the Performing Arts Studio playing some games, carrying furniture or rather supervising the carrying of furniture, having an indoor picnic and carrying out the odd rehearsal or ten! I have also learnt I need to work on my authority voice but for now I shall always be good cop to my director’s bad cop. Why change such a well known proven to work formula?

I admit at one stage, going into the night I did get slightly hyper and had to leave the room (for my cast’s sake), get some fresh air and regain my sanity/ take a picture of my shadow to distract myself from laughing. But hey it worked!

After spending weeks trying not to laugh when watching the plays so as not to distract the actors the only thing I have to remember is that for the actual performance I am allowed to laugh. Really my constant giggling throughout the rehearsals this week has been good training for the cast when tonight they shall be faced by many a face laughing at their antics on stage. See you there! (hint, hint)


p.s. I apologise for the cheesy title of this blog.

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