November 19, 2012, by Ollie

Part of Society?

At University many opportunities present themselves to you. From the chance to be indepedent and learn life skills such as cooking and money management… (not that the last is learned well) to having the chance to participate in new sports or other such new activities. In my opinion, the best way to make the most of these opportunities is by joining societies!

Not wanting to risk sounding like the adverts we should all have seen over the summer and during Freshers’ week I won’t tell you about the number of societies and what they range in.. or will I?                                 I will. 

Standard social night out!

Nottingham has around 75 sports clubs that you can be involved with as well as having over 200 other societies that range from ones that represent different countries and nationalities, popular interest socities such as Chess and film and also degree based societies such as the mighty BioSoc!

On day one of Freshers’ fair I parted with my money and joined BioSoc. Without realising this was probably the most productive thing I did during Freshers’. Being part of such a large and active society is like being part of a community of like-minded people and if there is anybody out there reading this that isn’t in a society then get looking and get involved! I will sleep tonight a contented man knowing you will have heeded this advice! Being a first year I have only sampled the tip of the societal iceberg so earlier in the week I caught up with Beth Aucott, President of BioSoc who is currently studying for her MSci in Zoology and she had this to say:

“Societies provide a way for students to socialise or follow interests that lie outside their academic studies. There is genuinely a society for everyone, whether course related or trying out some new crazy sport. Activities can range from careers events, a presentation by a guest speaker, a night out or sports teams.

BioSoc have ten committee members; the President and Vice President who oversee the general running and oversee everything, the Treasurer who looks after our money, a Publicity and Communications Officer who is in charge of our Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter and any other publicity, two Social Secs who are in charge of providing a wide range of activities for all of our members, a male and female Sports Sec who oversee the running of our sports teams, a Fourth year rep who makes sure fourth years and MSc and MRes students are involved with our activities and last but not least our Fresher rep who provides us with any feedback from first years and keeps them informed on what we have planned. Positions may vary between societies but their ‘title’ is generally a pretty good indicator of what they do within the society. All members get a chance to run for any of the positions at the societies AGM.

I think societies are brilliant as they provide so many opportunities to get involved in so many different activities as well as providing a chance to socialise outside of your halls or course. Being part of a society and in particular BioSoc has provided me with so many experineces I would have missed if I’d chosen to not get involved. I’ve also met some amazing people and made some lifelong friends.”

The BioSoc comittee. A team effort!

So if meeting new people, making new friends as well as making the most of new opportunities still isn’t tempting you, then maybe you make a new society for the ‘Untemptables’ among us but that is more effort than simply going here >> << and having a look. Could be the best look of your life!



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