November 2, 2012, by Ollie

When in Rome… I mean Nottingham!

Hello all and welcome to Round 2!

This week’s blog is fresh off the press and the content you will be feasting upon is my version of The Nottingham Bucket List.

Hopefully you’ll find it agreeable, or rather you will do once you break the student stereotype and get out of the bed and experience the wonderful thing that is the great outdoors!

So No. 1 – Visit the House of Batman!

Now don’t go raising your eyebrows at me, hear me out. The most recent Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, was partly filmed in Wollaton Hall, situated in Wollaton Park. So I’m guessing you guys are pretty impressed already, but wait it gets better, Wollaton Park is between Jubilee Campus and University Park, it is literally a 10 minute walk for nearly all first-years in University accomodation. So… I urge you to don your black capes and make the most of a photo/bragging opportunity and visit the beautiful hall.

Fancy a pint?

No. 2 – Have a beer!

Moving on but moving back in time (spooky!), an absolute MUST visit for any student interested in alcohol. (that’ll be everyone then…) is Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. The oldest inn in England! (too many ‘in’ sounds to deal with). Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem deals in fine ales and beers and is quite a tourist attraction, so on a quiet afternoon go and enjoy a pint there with the thousands upon thousands of others who have strolled in and stumbled out of it’s famous door!

No. 3 – Explore the 4 C’s

Okay so this one may not trump the first two but still is essential, visit the different campuses, so you can really gain a favour of the whole University you are at!  The Hopper buses can escort you to all these ‘exotic’ destinations for free, so really there is no excuse to go expore and realise what YOU are really part of. See the beautiful Trent Building on University Park, stretch your neck whilst inspecting the towering  ‘Aspire’ tower on Jubilee, meet the cows in Sutton Bonnington and even check out King’s Meadow to get a glimpse of the University’s most recent acquistion to the family!

No. 4 – The Robin Hood Factor!

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor! So keep an eye out for a man in green tights giving us students, gifts! Nottinghamshire is famous because of Robin Hood, so go visit the beautiful Sherwood Forest where Hood and his Merry Men lived or take a snap in front of his statue! Linked with Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle is a beautiful castle, not only is it a scenic and historic attraction, it has a chilling secret. The Castle hides the entrance to the biggest collection of man-made caves in Britain. A short ‘arrow shot’s’ distance away from Robin Hood’s statue is Mortimer’s Hole, here you can find the start of a tour that leads you through the magic of the underworld!

Nottingham Castle, heavily feature in Robin Hood folklore.

No. 5 – Visit the sporting venues: top sport on your doorstep!

It’s still 2012, the Olympic buzz is still lingering so embrace it right here, right now! Nottingham has some amazing sporting venues that are well worth a visit. Football can be watched at The City Ground, home of the twice European conquering Nottingham Forest or head to Meadow Lane to see Notts County play the beautiful game. Just across the river you can find Trent Bridge, home of Nottinghamshire cricket and if all that isn’t enough for you, or too far for your student legs to venture. Across the road from University Park is the impressive Nottingham Tennis Centre and nearby you will find the National Ice Centre, home of the oldest Ice Hockey Team in the country the GMB Nottingham Panthers aswell as other ice-based sports.

More can be found out here it is well worth it people!

Q. How does Batman’s mum call him for dinner?
A. Dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-Batman!
(I apologise unreservedly for that – but couldn’t resist! 🙂

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