November 4, 2012, by Kiran

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The first ever Kiran and Alix Show went live this week on, Wednesday morning, 10 o’clock. It’s highly unlikely, but if you are reading this blog thinking ‘I am rather curious as to what Kiran’s voice sounds like’ then you can tune in next week and find out.

I was also the producer, which basically means I was in charge of all the different buttons as well (and if you read last week’s blog you’ll know how good I am with technology!) Although the actual show is a bit of blur now, the build up to it felt like a mini publicity campaign, completely fabricated by myself and Alix. We spent the whole day beforehand in the URN office planning our features (notebooks out, hogging the URN computers.) Setting up our Facebook page – The Kiran and Alix Show – from my living room practically turned into a graphic design meeting, my housemate linking up the computer to the TV to create the cover photo image, using some fancy editing skills to make it look professional.


Our eventual Cover Photo. I think it looks pretty professional. Alix is unimpressed by the photo we used of her.


A nicer image we could have used for our Cover Photo…


Then Wednesday morning arrived. I had made it out of bed and to the studio which was a good start as both Alix and I were convinced we would sleep through our own show. Surprisingly it was all going quite well for the first hour. But then I became complacent, too confident, too caught up in the Halloween spirit and started, yes I admit it, making mistakes!

Hopefully this only showed character though. Who doesn’t love it when the presenters’ laughter acts as a backing track to a song? Isn’t it a fun surprise when someone promises to play Maroon 5 but in actual fact Wiley blasts out of your speakers?


A fun action shot we also could have used for the Cover Photo..


Probably not…which is why I frantically texted the Head of Daytime midway through hour two to apologise for being a technical fail and promising to do better.

However, in a behind the scenes exclusive I can reveal that whilst myself and Alix were chattering away, the system crashed and I in a surprising twist of fate…fixed it A few panicky gestures to Alix to keep talking, I clicked a couple of buttons and we could play songs again. My back up plan was to make Alix start singing so it’s probably for the best I figured it out. Maybe I was becoming a technical genius.


Again, probably not but at least I kept my promise to do better.


p.s. I apologise for the shameless plugging of my radio show.

p.p.s  Everybody please listen!

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