November 2, 2012, by Gemma

Paranormal Activity

Even as a horror film fanatic, I still find myself getting spooked by stories..especially if they are true! After mingling with (people dressed as) zombies, witches, Phantom of the Opera, and Snape, a few of us moved onto another house and watched a couple of horror films: The Shining (classic horror) and The Pact (modern horror). A few shrieks later (not from me…honest!) the owner of the house started sharing his own ghostly experiences.


Prepare to be freaked out

In his old house, strange phenomena took place:

  • Drawers mysteriously opened by themselves
  • Taps turned themselves on… full blast
  • Items slid off kitchen tables… on their own

At first, I thought: Okay, maybe he just forgot to close his drawers, the taps were faulty, and his house was on a slope. But he actually did witness the events! Spooky!

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have always believed in ghosts? Or maybe you think all mysterious events can be explained in a logical manner? I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I was freaked out and ended up pleading for him to stop telling us the stories. Whether ghosts exist or not, messing with them is definitely not on my agenda!

Luckily, I am one of those people that forgets anything scary I have experienced as soon as I’m in bed. So no nightmares for me…


Paranormal Activity

Continuing on with the Halloween festivities; last night I watched Paranormal Activity 4 at Savoy cinema. I always enjoy going to the Savoy because it is a very cosy cinema with comfortable seats and cheap prices. (On a Wednesday with an Orange network code, 2 people can watch a film for just £1.90 each…Bargain!) It’s also just a 4-minute walk from my house.

The film was pretty good, but not scary enough for me to be honest. There were questions left unanswered, so bring on Paranormal Activity 5!


Highlight of the week

Watching the geese cross the road near Portland Building in perfect formation. So cute!


Happy belated Halloween!

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