October 31, 2012, by Sarah

Anything can happen on Halloween…

Student ID

Right now I feel like this:


My brain has been hollowed out and my features are carved in an expression of fatigue and mild confusion. Mid-term blues when the work really accumulates and summer seems like a distant memory.


However none of that matters because MY FAMILY ARE VISITING TODAY!!!!

As you can see I am quite excited 🙂

Some fun stuff happened this week:

  • I went to Chiquito’s NOM NOM NOM. I had a voucher for £10 off when you buy two main courses (a Fresher’s fair freebie) so I thought I’d pig out and have steak AND enchiladas. Hah, no I’m not quite that greedy. Actually I met up with a friend and it was really nice to catch up with her and eat such yummy Mexican food (authenticity questionable but hey it tasted good) and do something different.

    “Just a spoonful of sugar to help the Coursework go down”

  • I did another sensory science thing and smelt some strawberry stuff to get £5 and some magic stars.
  • I made brownie (see picture)
  • I went into Nottingham to go shopping:







Now one thing about SB is that you get to see lots of interesting wildlife. Rabbits, hedgehogs, other people’s cats, Bill Oddie  –  a whole host of nature’s treasures waiting to be discovered. However there is one illusive creature, a true wonder of nature, which you’ll be always sure to see around SB.


*David Attenborough voice* “Here, we have, the lesser-spotted Coal Fired Power Station”

Nature’s Giants


Yes it’s true, amusingly. Whilst SB is full of all that nature-y countryside-y fresh air-y stuff, the landscape is also dominated by a massive power station which as you can see is a wonder of nature.


Looking good from every angle

Work it baby, yeah more steamy













East Midlands Parkwaystation is near SB (and near the power station) and my housemate and I drove there -always handy knowing someone with a car- and then caught the train into Nottingham. It’s quick, easy and only £2.50 return with a railcard. WIN. It was lovely to have a bit of retail therapy as Nottingham is a good place to shop and I had the privilege of seeing the power station even closer up!

Now, I can’t think of Halloween without thinking of this HYSTERICAL video. It never fails to make me laugh and it’s from the film version of the Worst Witch – which of course rivals the Shawshank Redemption in its quality.

This video is amazing for the following reasons:

1. The lyrics: Rhyming Halloween, Sardine and Tambourine is just pure genius
2.The terrible special effects: I particularly like the fact that sometimes it just looks like a youtube video playing in the background – what was the budget? 50p?
3.Tim Curry: Pure flamboyance, he fully commits vocally and physically to possibly one of the worst songs of all time…watch and be amazed.

Family should be arriving any time now so have a good week everyone!


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