October 28, 2012, by Kiran


Today is supposed to be my day off. But I still have things to do…like this blog for instance! Actually, this is the only way I can communicate today seeing as I woke up without my voice. My housemates are loving it though…but I can still whisper loudly!

Not having my mobile this week, I had to find other ways to communicate on the move. This would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the fact my phone is pretty much an extension of my hand. Turns out I rely on it quite a lot.

I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to technology. For example, my laptop no longer recognises the battery and changed its password all by itself. Also, my hairdryer now sparks and smokes when I try to use it. The only thing I knew how to use properly was my little Nokia (apart from one time when I dropped it in a pond).

The good old days when my laptop behaved itself!

Anyway, this week I did have a replacement flip phone, which although made me feel important when I flicked it open, the 85p of credit only added to my stress. I couldn’t make any calls, didn’t have any internet and could only read texts demanding a reply. Plus it didn’t even have Snake! What a tease of a phone (but I do appreciate my housemate for lending it to me…thanks!)

To be fair I could’ve just topped up the credit but that seemed way too much of a hassle and like a waste of money when my replacement phone was on the way. Plus I could survive without a phone for a week, couldn’t I?! Well it certainly proved to be a challenge when my week included trying to direct a piece in Nottingham New Theatre’s Freshers’ Fringe, holding Uncut season auditions and trying to keep on top of the Impact email account.

But I did it and before I knew it Freshers’ Fringe was over and I actually feel sad knowing I don’t have to deal with that stress anymore, that I won’t be rehearsing with my cast pretty much every day and am already missing the pre-show backstage buzz. Bring on the Uncut season!

However, luckily I now have a fully functioning phone again so I can arrange a cast reunion at the drop of a text.

My very talented Freshers’ Fringe cast performing an extract from my play ‘Reminders’


p.s. A bit of good news in relation to last week’s blog. A lovely woman found my bag in a park and contacted the University’ security office and my bag has now been returned to me along with my keys and ID so thank you very much!

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