October 26, 2012, by Gemma

Travelling…in Cars and Time


After a lovely weekend in London for my Grandma’s birthday celebrations, being cooked for, and lying on a proper sofa to watch tele, I returned to student life in Nottingham. Here, I have to cook for myself, the sofas are not very comfy, and to “watch tele” means downloading Eastenders from BBC iPlayer. It was really nice seeing my family again, so I definitely do not regret missing Friday’s lectures. And it looks like I’m not the only one that thinks missing lectures is okay under special circumstances… You only live once (YOLO)!


My First Time

I had my very first driving lesson yesterday! Hurrah! I have started the journey to owning a full (pink) licence. One day, I will be able to jump into my own car, on a whim, and drive into the sunset. Okay, maybe once I have passed my driving test I won’t actually have my own car. And even if I did, I would probably have to plan when I used it in order to save money on petrol, be efficient, etc… But a girl can dream…

In my 2-hour introductory lesson, my instructor covered left turns, right turns, and roundabouts. It was so exciting being behind the wheel for the first time! The one thing I was nervous about was getting too close to other cars on the road. But don’t worry; no vehicles were harmed in the making of this blog.

My next lesson should be on Monday…cannot wait! In the meantime, I have decided to watch YouTube videos on driving so I don’t forget what I have learnt. Check out one of the videos I stumbled across. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it makes me:

Zizzi’s: Before time travel mind-blowing awesomeness


Time travel

Later that evening, a friend and I went to the cinema to watch ‘Looper’ – a science fiction action film about time travel. I won’t reveal too much, but the film reminded me of the grandfather paradox: Jake, say, a time traveller, goes back in time and kills his grandfather, but then technically Jake would have never been born and hence cease to exist, so how does he come back in time in the first place?!?! Mind blown!

One theory is that there are parallel universes. So Jake the time traveller never existed in the universe he time travels to, but continues to exist in the universe he came from. Hmmm….

Question: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?


Highlight of the week

7-Legged: One night a year when students gather in groups of 7, for a bar crawl in fancy dress. Meet the “high school stereotypes”:


High school stereotypes

See you next Friday!


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