October 22, 2012, by Shane

One of those … Months.

You know the ones. Where everything is going … wrong. As if you’ve somehow ticked off the karma gods, or broken a mirror or just somehow are bringing bad things upon yourself.

I should have guessed this storm of minor tragedies was looming from the day I arrived back in Nottingham, and the things I had forgotten formed a list as long as my arm. Topping the list were my coat (remember the torrential rain that closed Freshers Fair for a day? So do I … vividly), my bean bag (key furniture for a student’s chambers) and my running trainers; now I like cardio and if I don’t wear decent trainers I get shin splints that resemble horror movie accidents, so these may seem insignificant but to me they are very vital.

Transport Trauma

The next pelting from this storm materialised in transport trauma. I mentioned in my last blog post how I’ve been attending various 21st birthdays this month; well when I went to Liverpool I arrived at the station and could not find my railcard anywhere.

In hindsight, I should have just risked it for a biscuit and got on the train, however, I always get asked for my railcard so being the goody-goody citizen I am I panicked with 10 minutes to board my train and bought a new ticket. Fast forward to sitting on the train and opening my wallet; what’s hidden behind another card: my railcard. I won’t tell you how much the new ticket cost; it’s still a VERY tender subject. Good thing Liverpool was a great weekend …

Everyday Tragedies

Student Furniture

That wasn’t the end of it though. The following week it seemed like every day I was rushing out the front door to get somewhere.  So on Wednesday as I made a sandwich in a new record of 55 seconds, I rushed out the house, up my road, only to see my bus at the next bus stop down Derby Road driving away with my chance of making my lecture on time.  I would have made it if it wasn’t for that sandwich! OH my love of food!

Friday rolled around and I had set my alarm as usual. The thing is, when you’ve dropped your phone enough times, one day you’ll wake up staring at a white screen that reads ‘error’ and you’ll have slept through your seminar. Anyone else? Just me? If only that had been a one off! I’m not even making this stuff up, exactly a week later my phone did the same thing again! Thankfully this time my housemate wanted me for something and woke me up half an hour before my seminar. I have never got dressed so fast in my life.

Looking back on the first month of this year, I don’t think it is bad karma that caused these incidents; I just need to be more organised (and less idiotic when it comes to train tickets). But which student doesn’t struggle with organisation at one time or another?

So I’m curious: have you guys experienced any funny misfortunes as a student? I think when things like these happen they make for pretty amusing stories later on 😉

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