October 21, 2012, by Kiran

What a Mug!

All week I have been struggling to think of a topic to write about. So I guess I should really thank the guy that mugged me.

It happens. When all the students come back from the summer, crime rates go up and we are easy targets. A cliché I know, but I just didn’t think it would happen to me.  The whole episode was so generic. A guy in a hoodie comes up behind me. He tugs at my bag. I pull it back. Turning around and grabbing the railings to steady myself, he has both hands on the bag, my bag, and yanks it out of my hand. He runs off. I stand, watching him get away with what he has just done.

It happens. But I wasn’t walking home on my own. I wasn’t drunk or waving my phone around in the air. I wasn’t expecting it. It’s fine to paint this mug as the villain and myself as a ‘victim’ but we are just two people bought together by this one incident, one he stupidly thought was a good idea. So I wonder, does he feel guilty? Does he regret it? Why did he do it?







Maybe he just really liked my bag. I wonder whether he’ll even steal my idea to blog about what happened and I’ll get my answers. I hope it’s playing on his mind right now and when he opened the bag to find a measly eight pounds, a Nokia phone that only looks like a Blackberry, and a set of keys with some pretty keyrings worth nothing to him that he was disappointed. Even if just on a material level, I hope he thinks it really wasn’t worth it.

I, on the other hand, got to ride around in a police car, will finally get round to replacing my scatty purse and am working the ‘I was mugged’ sympathy story to get cups of tea and whatnot from my housemates. Most importantly, I’m not scared and if anything have a new conversation topic.

However, even though, I’ve been telling everyone ‘Yeah it happens’ and ‘It’s not a big deal’; it is and it shouldn’t be the norm for your possessions to be ripped away from you. Despite everything, I can’t help thinking what I could have done differently. I wish I had put my phone in my pocket as I left my friends. I could’ve taken a different bag that fit over my shoulder and would’ve been harder to take.

But I did and he did and while I’ve moved on, he’ll probably be stuck in this cycle until hopefully he is caught and made to stop.

p.s. I told you I was melodramatic


Safety information

As Kiran’s post shows, it’s important to prioritise your personal safety. Please take a look at the crime prevention page on the University’s website for more information on personal safety, protecting your property and the Love Your Stuff campaign. Nottinghamshire Police’s website also has a lot of useful information about crime prevention.

And while not the case for Kiran, the Easily Done website also has some top tips for being safe on a night out.

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