October 23, 2012, by Beca

Students in a Suite

Right now it feels like my to do list is longer than the number of hours in a day, or a week for that matter. I’ve a half finished essay due Friday and kit to iron for tomorrow afternoon; Mum wants calenders making that need to be submitted by Friday and my weekend’s going to be spent at Chilwell with the Officer Training Corps before a few more deadlines hit me next week.  I was a genius and shaved my beret (yes, that is what I did) in my room so now my floor is covered in fluff… add vacuuming to that list.

I did find time for a study break pre weekend though =D

Getting home after a long day Thursday (a 9-1 lecture and then stats for a few hours in the afternoon), one of my housemates asked if I wanted to go see John Bishop at the Capital FM Arena. YES! Turns out, his mum’d passed on tickets for her work’s box.  So… 5 of us, plus a few from next door went down in typical student wear of jeans and t-shirts to mingle with the suits living the high life of the box world.  We got some looks.

Not going to lie, I wouldn’t say I was a massive fan of his.  The tickets were free and a night out without the pressure of drinking was on the cards. Consider me converted.  It was an amazing night full of laughs and giggles (especially when he called half the audience sl**s) and of course, when a fight started at one side of the arena there was some excellent ad lib’ing.  Just the break I needed, a chance to chill, away from uni/cadets/otc/washing up.  Stressed out? Go search for one of his DVDs/youtube.  A few giggles will have you sorted in no time.

Its 0005 …. my alarm is set for 0700 and I’ve to be at the TAC 1500-2300.  I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be a very long day.

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