October 15, 2012, by Shane

21 Years Young.

Despite being a second year and having a baby face, I will be turning 21 this academic year. The perks of a gap yaaaar mean that I am only just a second year, while the majority of my friends from home are ancient third years (jokes, don’t kill me);  also known as panic mode because they are being kicked into the real world in less than 12 months where they have to pretend to be fully grown adults.

Club hopping in Liverpool

Coincidently, it also seems they are all born in October, which is why I have been gallivanting around the country to attend 21st birthday celebrations. The first weekend of October took me to Liverpool! I only realised how big it was when booking my train tickets I saw that there were three train stations I could land in.

It was an awesome weekend welcoming my friend into adulthood. My mind was also blown by the fact that we didn’t have to pay to get into any clubs! Liverpool doesn’t charge club entry anywhere! It made for a different night out as it let us club hop and experience a variety of different places all in one night! Nottingham take note.

Then on the weekend just gone I travelled up to Leeds (forgetting it was North and not packing a coat). Luckily the first night was fancy dress and I was sporting a Monkey onesie. So on Friday night we embarked on a student favourite past time: a bar crawl. The theme was Noah’s ark with the birthday girl dressed as Noah and the rest of us following two by two.

From this day on I look forward to a time where it socially acceptable to go out dressed in onesies. Most. Comfortable. Night. Ever. The night was a huge success with the partying continuing back at home, turning the kitchen into a dance floor and gorging on cake and jelly shots; also known as trying to recapture our youth.

How low can I go? (Not very)

So that’s two awesome, action-packed weekends down; I then have my best mate’s 21st on Halloween (fancy dress is like second nature to him) so I’ll let my readers know how that goes.

This month has got me thinking though, we all seem to think 21 is seriously old. I do remember being a rugrat and looking up at cousins who were 21, thinking I would never get there, and it does seem a bit surreal to think we’ve reached that ‘milestone’.

If I had a pound for every time I’ve had the “OMG we’re so old” conversation at University … I would be able to afford the new Uni fees. However, in the grand scheme of things we are all spring chickens, and I plan on seizing every opportunity that comes my way.

Hopefully you do too.



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