October 16, 2012, by Beca

Making Memories

Nothing will compare to your time at uni; it’s probably your first taste of responsibility and first time without your parents breathing down your neck, watching your every move.  It’s something you have to make the most of, one day you’ll settle down and get a ‘proper job’, you’ll be a slave of your work not your whims.. that means no more simply deciding to stay in bed instead of going to that 9am Microbiology lecture.

The memories you make over your 3/4 years here will stay with you forever. Here’re two of my favourite moments from my first year…

Sept 2011 – RAPs

What did you do during your freshers’week?  I jumped out of a plane. I think I told my mum about it around 20 mins after I’d safely completed my first jump.  She hit the roof so I didn’t tell her the second time.  It was an amazing feeling, just throwing myself out of a plane because the jump master told me to. 

Click the link to see my first one ^^ -> RAPs

Feb 2012 – Randoris

This is me and my club at Randori Nationals.  It’s effectively a Judo competition for Jitsukas.  Definitely one of my proudest moments from my first year because I’d just won a bronze medal in my category.  I’d never even tried a martial art and just tried it our randomly during the first few weeks at uni.  It changed my attitude so much and gave me so much confidence.

Last weekend – Selection

Selection weekend compromised of 6am starts and a general rule of ‘hurry up and wait’.   I should explain, this weekend was the selection weekend for the Officer Training Corps (OTC); they were the dashing lads (and lasses) in uniform at Freshers’ Fair.  I’m still sat recovering, think 5 hours sleep a night, drinks in the bar and the combination of freshers from 5/6 different unis.  Yes, I feel like death warmed up (#superfreshersflu).

I met some super cool people I’d never had met if I hadn’t gone and realised I’m more confident than I though I was, well at least, I can actually stand in front of a group of people that aren’t 12 years old and talk.  I made it around the 1.5 mile run without keeling over and dying and had a very funny drill lesson (yes, they do exist apparently).  The banter is epic. Looking forward, I can’t wait to make some amazing memories this year and see if I can top the last!

The memories you make at uni will stay with you forever.  Have you made any yet? What’s on your bucket list? I’ll tell you mine sometime…

PS. My housemates complained I didn’t say anything nice about living with all guys. I have found something at last; there’s always someone around to open the jars =p

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