October 14, 2012, by Kiran

Tied up in Notts…

So I am writing my first proper blog about university life from home…great start! Being in final year, the panic has started to set in and I needed to retreat for the weekend. I think I’m coming down with something and it’s not fresher’s flu! Symptoms include waking up before noon, spending most of the day at uni and turning down nights out because I have work to do. I have been infected with PRODUCTIVITY!!!!

My lazy disposition is just not suited to this (but I am trying to soften the blow by taking the bus everywhere.)

For example, in first year I did a lot of this:



In second year I was slightly more active, experimented with some interior design:



But now I do this:

(And some other stuff but this is the only action shot I could find of me actually doing said ‘stuff’)

Basically it has come to the point where my course feels like an extracurricular activity, I have been given the nickname ‘keeno’ and I have to remind my housemates who I am and that I’m not some crazy axe-wielding stalker stranger that pops in for a cup of tea every now and then (in second year our house came with its own axe in the basement…standard.)

For all you unsuspecting freshers, second years, final years and post-grads you may not expect it but one day this need to do something, this need to be somebody, to give some meaning to your university life (slightly over-dramatic, you’ll get used to it) will creep up on you. Maybe it already has. Maybe, like me, it has taken over your being, our lives are all coming together and we are…growing up!  

Saying that I did almost forget to write this blog!


p.s. My name is Kiran, I do English with Creative Writing and I probably should’ve introduced myself at the beginning! I promise to be better next time.



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