October 12, 2012, by Gemma

Compare the meerkat


Hi! And welcome to my blog.

Nearly three weeks into the new term, and I am finally settled in to my new room and new lectures. I am also getting back into cooking on a (nearly) daily basis…but “unfortunately” I live 20 seconds away from a Chinese take-away.


Me, myself, and I

Meerkat and me

London zoo

Along with my obvious love of Chinese food, here are a few more details about me:

  • I am in my final year of Maths and Economics. I just can’t get enough of numbers!
  • I LOVE meerkats! Over the Summer I went to London Zoo and spent most of the day by the meerkat enclosure.
  • Born and bred in South London. My two favourite things about London: It’s very multi-cultural, and there are lots of sites to see.


Not-so Fresh Meat

No, I’m not referring to the kebab you might have indulged in after a night out this week. “Fresh Meat” is a Channel 4 comedy about students who are now in their second year at University. Get your latest dose on 4oD.

If like Vod from Fresh Meat, you are finding yourself a bit short of cash, why not test out the new societies you want to join before becoming a full member. Many societies host free/cheap taster sessions – from hula hooping to martial arts to hockey. You don’t even have to be a fresher to attend!

In my first week, I sampled lacrosse! It was so much fun, and hopefully I’ll be a pro by the end of the year. Lacrosse is particularly good because it has a beginners team that play friendly matches. So no pressure to be amazing at it!

The following week I went to street dance (Wednesday evenings in Portland Building’s dance studio). What a work out that was! It got so hot in the studio that the mirrors were steamed up by the end of it. Niiiiiiiiice…


Pre Gangnam-Styling

Highlight of the week

Hope this blog gave you an insight on what to expect from me. Highlight of the week?  Monday night: Attempting the “Gangnam Style” in Oceana’s cheese room.

Don’t know the Gangnam Style dance that is sweeping the nation? Learn it…now!






~ See you next Friday! ~

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