October 10, 2012, by Sarah

Out and About in SB


Mrs Smith?


I’m Sarah

It’s a pleasure to meet you

Can I just confirm your address?

Which seat would you like to sit in?

Did you travel here ok? Yes buses are so unreliable sometimes

Now, what do you feel   – in your own words – has brought you here today?

Now you may think I’m mental and wonder what on Earth I’m going on about – but this is just some of the scenario/speech/introduction stuff that as a student Dietitian – or probably any healthcare degree – you have to go through. The above version is somewhat abridged but you get the gist, if you want to work in Healthcare then there is a lot of communication involved. And it had better be good.

However, I thought that as this is my first blog here I ought to introduce myself, and when I think of introductions almost three years of studying Dietetics brings the above to mind. Also I’d love to know what has brought you (readers) here today. Maybe you are my friends and family checking out what I’m writing, maybe you are students browsing the blogs for something to do, and maybe you’re thinking of coming to study at Nottingham or you’re just reading randomly? Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to talking to you and hearing back from you over this next year of blogging.

Exciting times.

Anyway moving on….


Who am I?

Who am I? I am the guardian of the lost souls! I am the powerful! The pleasurable! The indestructible Mushu!

If you recognise that quote then we are best friends already.

Anyway, I know you (I say you, not that I know you, but please readers forgive my familiarity and let us imagine that we know one another) can read my profile but just to summarise:

My love of cooking/ detail/ cake

  • I’m Sarah and I am in my third year of studying Dietetics on the Sutton Bonington Campus (SB to its friends) at the University of Nottingham.
  • I am a Christian and I love: cooking, films (particularly Disney), relaxing with friends, being creative, sewing/crochet/craft stuff, reading, geekery/sci-fi/fantasy tv and books, comedy panel shows, stand-up comedy, Shakespeare and the theatre generally, flight of the conchords, the mighty boosh, Stephen Fry, rock/metal music and I wear a lot of purple – it just makes me happy.
  • I am less fond of: slugs, offal, Twilight, Disney channel teen-programs and the way catch-up tv plays the same adverts.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of for now. So, now you know a bit more about me – what I am I actually here to say? Well read on Macduff…



What am I doing?

Blogging for the University (Dun dun DUUUUNNN) about student life. I suppose the purpose of this is to give you all a snapshot of what it’s like to be a University of Nottingham student – particularly on a Healthcare course on the Sutton Bonington Campus. Every week I’ll be sharing some of what’s going on in my life, things on my mind and random happenings. I will be available to talk on comments to answer any questions and it will be interesting to see what this next year brings!

By the way this is me (on the right):


Me and my housemate Marilyn went for a walk in the nice weather to the canal near SB on Saturday to try and find some blackberries and met the cow (above). I did ask and the cow was fine with this photo being used.

Studying at SB you do eventually develop an ability to talk to animals…of course you don’t. But, there is quite a farmer SB stereotype! Anyway, I would say studying on SB does not make you a farmer, any more than being in a garage makes you a car, but you do get to see beautiful things like this:

The Canal at Sutton Bonington


I found out a lot of those Willow trees are being chopped down because of flood proofing or something, a man in a canal boat said so anyway. So I’m glad I got this picture before it all changes!

Anyway, I’d better get on with work and have lunch but here is one other picture from my walk round SB:


Just in case

It’s a defibrillator in a phone box – so every need is catered for!

Until next time,

(Don’t worry, next time I will write less!)

Sarah xxxx


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