October 9, 2012, by Beca

Back to the Grind

Hi guys ^^ I’m Beca and welcome to my blog. Here’s a not so short but pretty sweet one, telling you a bit about me. I’ll be blogging every week this year so make sure you stay tuned.

* * *

3 weeks in and finally, after a great night out and a more than epic Jitsu session (restoring the bruises that last year were commonplace on my arms), I finally feel like I’m back in Nottingham, back at uni.  The blur of trying to move in, make sure the freshers stall was manned, and getting my ass where it should be when it should be, left me relying on my wall calender simply to tell me what day it was.Chicks 2

Perhaps I should tell you a little about me;

  1. I’m a 2nd year zoology student meaning this term I get to play with these pretty things on the right =D
  2. I’m from Leeds so if I say something you don’t understand just ask me; I don’t actually say t’Lion, t’Witch an’ t’Wardrobe… just use random slang words apparently
  3. I’m Jitsu VP.  Basically, I quite enjoy throwing people bigger than me around
  4. For some strange reason I decided to study German last year.  Wie geht’s?
  5. I started cadets when I joined uni
  6. I live with 5 lads (crazy I know)
Peak District 1

The views on the course were amazing

The Big Move

The week my house contract started I was trudging through various fields and forests in the Peak District checking out creepy crawlies (yet another perk of being a zoologist, not quite as cute though) so I moved in the night before freshers fair started.  Bad idea! I’ve still got boxes in my room,they’re just currently under shed loads of leaflets I picked up at the fair myself.  No-one owns an iron.  I ended up straightening the creases back into my combat trousers 20 mins before leaving to help out at the Royal British Legion concert in town. [Rest assured, I do now own an iron].

Did anyone else leave moving in until the night before freshers? How did it go?

“Are you real?”

My favourite moment of the week? Getting home from cadets in my full kit to a house full of lads who’d had a fair bit to drink.  They couldn’t quite comprehend the idea that a) there was a girl wearing army uniform, and b) I was in the house.  Eventually after about 5 mins of just starting at me, one asked me if I was real.  I couldn’t not wind him up ^^

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