May 22, 2012, by Kay

One down, two to go.

I had my first exam (Public Sector Economics) yesterday. In a few minutes, after I write this blog, I will commence the ‘proper’ revision for my next exam on the 30th May. It’s all over on the 7th. And what a sweet day that day will be.

But as a post-first-exam treat I went to see The Dictator just now at the cinema. Hmm. Average. I’d give it a miss and just go see the Avengers again! The trailer for the new James Bond film, Skyfall came out recently that was pretty awesome. Although I am pretty biased because I think Daniel Craig is gorgeous.

I was watching Russell Howard’s Good News the other day and spat out my rice during a particular scene where he talks about this child’s thank you letter to a TV weatherman who visited a school in America.

As I’m sure you’re always up for a laugh. Give it a read *thumbs up*

During the week I also discovered a new band that I really like and have since played on repeat while I revise. If you’re into chilled electro music then give New Look  a try. Critically acclaimed Canadian electro -duo.

Love, Kay

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