May 19, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli


Hello everyone,

Truth be told, I didn’t really have a good start to my week. You see, I was assigned to be at the Emergency Assessment Unit, EAU Ward (the ward that patients go to after A&E) this week and I am supposed to interview 8 patients before the end of the week. But my progress was really slow. I only got 3 signatures from my supervisors by Thursday. Thankfully, Friday was smooth sailing. I got all my 8 patients with my supervisors’ signatures at around 3pm. It was a tough week but I’m grateful that I succeeded.

Exam's approaching!

And today was a really great day! First, I went on my first outing for my role as an Independent Visitor. We went to have lunch at Red Hot, a buffet restaurant and we sure had a great time eating all these food! It was definitely a good time. I really hope my young person enjoyed his time today.

Apart from that, I’ve been giving edible gifts to my friends since they’re having their exams this week. I’m just thankful to have them in my life. And I’m glad that they enjoyed them. I actually gave them chicken wings 😛

Next year, I'm not going faraway for my hospital attachments. I'm going to be in my new house with my new housemates all year round!

Besides that, a special someone from Liverpool whom I haven’t talked to for a long time sent me a text message today. If you’re reading this, I just want to wish you all the best for your exam next week!  Take good care of yourself and the summer programmes in Malaysia. I’ll see you when the leaves turn yellow 😉

Last but not least, me and my housemates had a good time tonight. We had a big dinner and a good laugh. It was simply a fantastic day..and night.

Oh right, the results for our Special Study Module (an optional module for 4th Year medical students) were released last week and alhamdulillah, I got my 1st choice. I’m really excited for it! This means the online ballot loves me back after giving me a tough year of Microbiology ;P

1st choice!

And if you want to look at the pictures from the Nottingham Advantage Award Celebration which I attended last week, just click here. See if you can spot me!

Right then, I really need to study. I know, as 3rd Year medical students, our exam schedule is different from other students. My exam is exactly a month from today…which is pretty nerve-racking when you think about it.

Ok, see you next week!

Till then, take care

Wafi 😉

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