May 17, 2012, by Gael

London and Library Times

The thick of revision has really started now, there’s an overwhelming atmosphere of stress, worry and all-nighters over UoN and Hallward Library feels very much like rush-hour on the London Underground; scrambles for seats, hordes of people bunched up and spilling out over personal boundaries, snappy remarks, grumpy faces, coughs and colds and perfecting the technique of ignorance of those sitting around you. Exam season has hit hard and as a third year it seems to be even more intense than ever before…but the end is in sight, looming ahead like a big unknown…the end of Uni, the end of Studenthood, the end of hours spent in Hallward.

Scrummy Lunch!

The trick to revision is breaking it up with short bursts of enjoyment and time out of the oppressive atmosphere that takes over all students at this time. Saturday was my day off from it all – my friend Sarah and I went into town in the warm sunshine and each got an ear piercing – I got my first ever Cartilage piercing at Blue Banana in town – exciting and ouchie all at the same time! We then had a great lunch at a little baguette bar near Broadmarsh…cheap and tasty food before scouring the shops for Sarah’s grad ball dress…we found the perfect one in TK-Maxx for 59.99 – BARGIN! And it’s BEAUTIFUL. Nottingham has such a range of shops and cafes to dip into depending on your mood – I’m going to miss uncovering it’s secrets!

The Beautiful University Women's Club

Yesterday, in my role as Student Ambassador, I attended a Teacher’s Conference at the University Women’s Club in London – it was a long day – up at 6am!! But it was a day filled with beautiful sunshine and London was glowing with fresh colours and an air of excitement hung in the air in anticipation for all the events this summer. The event is really interesting and gave me the opportunity to catch up with an old ambassador friend now living in London. Not only was it good to be in London and earn some money, but it also provided a day of respite from the atmosphere at Nottingham  – always very welcome which also provides another boost to continue productivity this week. On a sad note it was my last event as a student ambassador…I loved my role, and it has been a constant throughout my three years at Nottingham University, it provided me with the opportunity to encourage others, to reflect on my own experience and to be incredibly proud to be a student at UoN. To say goodbye to that role is to say goodbye to my position as a student here, and in encouraging others to come to university, to sharpen their minds, to study abroad, to present the wonders that UoN has in store. But the cycle will continue, and I hope whoever fills my role this September has as fabulous an experience here as I have.


Now back to more revision…G xx

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