May 16, 2012, by Kay

Angkor Wat, Getting Vaccinated and Sloths

My friend Alice has just come back from a trip to Beijing. She has been studying in the Ningbo Campus for a semester and took time out after the exams there to go to the capital. Seeing her photos in my study breaks make me crave for the summer.

One of Alice's amazing Whatsapp photos from the Great Wall

Tanya and I recently booked four nights in a hostel in Angkor Wat, Cambodia during our study break yesterday. For a triple deluxe room, it came to the crazily cheap price of £3.11 per night per person. I kid you not.  Then yesterday we got half our vaccines for our SE Asia. We still need to get hooked up with some malaria tablets, Rabies, Hep A and Hep B vaccines then we’re good to go!

As we took a Starbucks break on campus yesterday we were thinking…

Isn’t weird that in first year we were asking each other things over coffee like,

“Have you signed for your house for next year yet?” 
Oh yeah, our deposit is quite expensive”

And now we’re thinking about the great future ahead of us. Tanya is thinking of one day getting an MBA in the US, whilst I dream of getting a Masters in Development Economics and working with a non-government organisation or volunteering as an aid worker.

It makes me really thankful that I came to university (there were times when I thought I wouldn’t go) because I would never had understood the kind of career that would make me happy in the long-run.

Something else I would like to do (when I repay my travelling debts and actually get some monies!) is to volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuaries of Costa Rica.  For about £25 a day, you get your three meals and accommodation with the sanctuary and you can volunteer to feed the sloths, look after the babies, help nurse sick sloths back to health. It’s pretty awesome.


I’m not sure where I’d like to do my Masters yet. I’d like to get my grad scheme out the way first. I’m working in Edinburgh with a financial services company for 2 and a half years, that you should help me save up quite a bit to continue with my education if I go down that route…

Hmm. How exciting.

Love, Kay

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