May 1, 2012, by Kay

Foster the People, Greek Tapas and South Indian Cuisine

Hey awesome people! ^_^

It’s term again already I can’t believe it! Tomorrow is the School of Economics Class of 2012 photo and goodbye gathering. It’s one of those happysad, ‘what am I gonna wear?!’ events.

Recently I went to see Foster the People with my best friend Izzy in Manchester. We hadn’t spoken to each other in about a month so it was brilliant to catch up (especially over some Nandos 😉 ) We started to feel a little ‘old’ whilst waiting in the queue at Manchester Academy as the majority of the crowd looked around 14 or 15yrs old, having been dropped off by their parents and sneaking drinks in coca-cola cans. We had an awesome time nonetheless and braved the rain to hang out around China Town the next day before parting ways to our respective universities once again.

Then on Friday I went for some Greek tapas food with Tanya, Gareth and Fleur. Gareth is a mature student about to embark on a PhD at the University of Nottingham, whom I met over Chinese karaoke in my second year. Fleur is a lovely Dutch student whom I met on the committee for the ChinaChina Society in my second year as well.

Over grilled haloumi and greek meatballs (which were…no joke….DIVINE), we all talked about what we were going to do after summer. One of us wanted to go a role in diplomacy and international relations, one into a PhD in Chinese Studies, one in accountancy and me, into operations for an investment bank.

It’s dinners like these that seemed like a distant, vague concept when I first started university. It felt like yesterday! 

Then the next day I went for South Indian food and bowling to celebrate my friend’s belated 22nd birthday. I ordered Nair Masala Dosar from a place called Kayal in the Lace Market, twice winner of the Metro Local Food Hero Award, it was AWESOME.

I’m not normally this social! Certainly with not all the work I have left to do 😉 But on the plus side. The dissertation is well and truly done! BOO YEAH!

Now I’ve only got to get a 2:1 in my exams, graduate and move out of Nottingham before I’m travelling South East Asia. Simple [YIKES].


love, Kay

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