April 27, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

The end of Surgery and the beginning of Medicine

Hello again,

It’s weird really. I just published a post this morning but it’s now gone. So, I’ll just write again 😀

As I’ve said earlier this morning, we (medical students in Surgery) got a day off before moving on to Medicine next week. Surgery has been fantastic! I got to help surgeons in Operation Theatres, became better in terms of skills (my knowledge is a totally different story) and won a poster competition on Monday.

Rob (Teaching Fellow) and Dee (Nurse Educator) have been really supportive and helpful. They’re both awesome and we had fun during the teaching sessions with them.

Since we were all given a logbook ever since the start of Clinical Phase 1 (hospital attachment), I’ve been obsessed with taking signatures from consultants, doctors and nurses. It’s simply a compulsory thing to do as medical students.

This is my favourite blood collection kit - the butterfly vacutainer

This is a blue tourniquet given to me by Dee when she taught me to take blood from patients

To our surprise, me and my friend, Rini won the poster competition. We actually talked about it and decided to simply complete the poster adequately. We didn't expect to win 😀

This is my next 7 weeks at King's Mill Hospital - Medicine!

I haven’t really had time to do my revision. I’m going to strive nonetheless =)

Plus, I have a meeting with my Young Person on Tuesday evening next week. This is for my role as an Independent Visitor for Barnardo’s. Furthermore, I’ll be one of the committee members who will be in charge of the Clinical Specialties Course organised by IMAM (Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia) tomorrow.

Okay, I’m heading to bed now. See you soon!

Being me,

Wafi 😉


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