May 3, 2012, by Gael

Time for Time Wasting

It’s now been a week since I submitted my dissertation and what a surreal week it has been. Thursday was a mixture of emotion – stress, worry, relief, loss and above all exhaustion. It was early to bed and Friday morning I had expected to wake up feeling relieved and happy – instead I woke up feeling somewhat at a loss…what was I to do with my day? My days had a routine to them, and always a niggling feeling of working on the dissertation – now it was submitted and done there was a slight feeling of loss. This didn’t really wear off until Sunday morning.

Girls for Drinks and Time Wasting

Friday evening my housemates helped me celebrate, we went out for drinks at Vodka Revs and BaaBar in Hockely which was great fun – always good to get out and dance when you’re feeling frustrated. It was a fun night with some good friends and really helped me feel happy and celebratory about my dissertation submission. On Saturday I went shopping with a couple of girlfriends to help them find their grad ball dresses…Grad Ball is 14th June, and for most of us the first and only ball we’ll be going to at UoN so there’s a real sense of exciting surrounding it. The dress search itself wasn’t successful but it felt good to have the time to enjoy Nottingham shops without a time limit, and indulge in some window shopping and yummy Nando’s lunch. Sunday was the first morning I woke up feeling refreshed and peaceful – I think dissertation really takes it out of you, and once it’s in, you need some time to re-cooperate and get used to reality again.

BaaBar in Hockley

Monday and Tuesday saw my last lectures and seminars – it’s weird that everything I’m doing is beginning to be the last time – the last time I submit an assignment, the last time I have a lecture, the last time I have a seminar…it’s scary, exciting and mostly surreal all at the same time. Gradually saying goodbye over a series of months, is good but also slightly strange. I’ve come home to re-cooperate some more and enjoy some good food and some more rest before returning to Nottingham next week to reeeeally get stuck into revision for three weeks before my final exams and the last thing I do for my degree….eeekk! It’s going to be an intense three weeks, but I’m so close now, and so determined to make those two exams count. Almost there….wish me luck!


G xx

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