March 29, 2012, by Gael

Dissertation Drudgery

So term is winding down and it’s nearly time for a much needed break…except that in reality this Easter holiday (which I return home for tomorrow) will continue the mundane routine of dissertation, dissertation, dissertation. To liven things up a bit, I might just throw in a couple of days worth of Revision to really get relaxed…

But the end is in sight – June 1st 2012 to be precise. I will put down the pen to my final exam at UoN and three years of my degree, of lectures, seminars, Hallward Library, WebCT, will be over. Scary thought. Also a relieving thought. Exactly one month before (May 1st) I will hand in the largest piece of essay work I will (probably) ever submit, and it will (probably) be the last ever assignment I write – even more surreal thought! But the finish line and enormity of these realisations don’t terrify me, they give me the motivation to plough through the next eight weeks with determination and focus. I may burn out, but at-least at the end of it all I have two months (before the real world of work hits) to relax and hopefully enjoy the gorgeous summer weather we are currently (frustratingly) having.

This week has been monotonous repetition of reading and writing more on my dissertation, and the next five weeks look to be pretty much the same. However, I am looking forward to returning home to quality cooked meals, my dogs for cuddles, walks in the countryside and a little break from student nights and living. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter – I look forward to be able to write a post where my week hasn’t consisted of dissertation, dissertation, dissertation….


G xx

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