March 21, 2012, by Kay, Free Burger and Chips and Family

Hi folks,

How’s it going? 🙂 I hope you’re alright and had a good week so far.

I’ve found this really awesome music streaming website. If, like me, you used to use Spotify relentlessly until they changed the system to only an allowance of playtime before being charged for the service, I’m sure you probably switched to the next best alternative right?

For me it was either youtube playlists for certain artists or the wonderful –> the failsafe for a lot of stingy music lovers.

Unfortunately grooveshark have introduced adverts in between their songs. Yeah I know, stop being such a cheapskate and pay for my music, or just youtube-to-mp3 everything but recently I came across (or stumbleuponed ) a neat little website called

musical greatness

8tracks is awesome because:

  •  It’s set apart above other streaming sites by the little tags that users have assigned to their uploaded playlists e.g. revision will get you search results for playlists by people who have literally made  revision playlists or gym-electro playlists. Whatever you fancy!
  • Totally free
  • Totally ad free!
Something else that’s pretty handy is the FREE BURGER AND CHIPS voucher I came across on that you might be interested in. I’m a sucker for these little bargain finds. This is definitely gonna be taken advantage of on Saturday!
I hope everyone got something nice for their mums on Mother’s Day! I come from a fairly big family and have three sisters, two in their thirties and live in Scotland and one at home who’s just doing her AS levels. I wished my mum Happy Mother’s Day in the foyer of Hallward Library 🙁 I miss my family a lot, especially since it’s expanding! I shall be an aunt for the first time this summer so it’s very exciting!Gotta start looking for ‘gender-neutral’ baby clothes soon as the sex of the wee one shall remain a mystery until the big day.

Hopefully I’ll get to go home for a week in the Easter hols god willing that I get enough work done to merit the break! (not looking likely though! :()Have a great rest of the week everyone! :)Love, Kay

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