March 18, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

Surgery is fascinating

Hello readers,

As you all know, I’m currently in my Clinical Phase. There are 48 of us doing our attachment at King’s Mill Hospital and we are divided into two whereby half will be doing Medicine for the first 7 weeks while the other half (my group) will be studying Surgery.

The first week served as an introduction to the Surgical world. I shadowed an F1 doctor (Foundation Year 1; a doctor whom had just graduated last year and beginning his/her 1st year as a doctor in hospitals), worked with a nurse and went into the Operation Theatre.

It was really interesting since I get to scrub in (joining in a surgical operation by washing arms thoroughly and wearing a gown) an orthopaedic (relating to bones) surgery. The orthopaedic surgeon was really nice and was keen to teach me the correct ways of scrubbing in. I got to hold the patient’s foot whilst the doctor went on to do the operation and even got to cut some stitches. It was really fun and exciting. The surgeon made me realise of the passion that I once had for surgery.

I really hope I would be given the chance to scrub in again next time. Standing and watching a surgical operation being performed in front of you can be pretty tiring but if you were given the chance to be under the spotlight (the lights in the operation theatre) and actually lend a hand to the surgeon, that would just be brilliant!

I’m looking forward to my next 6 weeks. Hope it all goes well, inshaAllah.

See you later!

Wafi 😉

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