March 16, 2012, by Mark

Here Comes the Sun

The plan for the week was to recover from Spring Break but my American University workload has decided otherwise. Straight off the back of our drive back up the east coast through the night I really did have to hit the ground running. I have also become aware of how fast time is flying and how little I have left here at the University of Virginia. This had led me to take on a sort of ‘yes man’ attitude, basically saying yes to anything and everything that comes my way (within reason) and seeing where it takes me for the rest of the semester.

Although there has been minimal sleep due to the workload there has been one thing that has made everything not so bad. The weather. Even for this eastern part of America this weather is unusual for mid March but I’m not complaining!

The beautiful weather coupled with my ‘yes man’ attitude I’ve adopted this week has taken some of my studying outside and provided the perfect opportunity to play all kinds of sports; tennis, American football, beach volley ball, that’s right beach volleyball. Healthy body, healthy mind and a suntan, I can’t complain.

The weekend will bring more work I’m sure but if the weather sustains I’m sure it won’t be too bad. There is also one America’s most celebrated festivities coming up on Saturday, all be it borrowed from the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day. For anyone deciding if they should explore Irish culture on this day then maybe this commercial might help you decide…


– Mark J Richardson

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