March 22, 2012, by Gael

Jobs and Jolly Good Times

So, clarity and good fortune has come…and all that February stress has finally paid off; United Biscuits offered me a Grad Scheme in the role of HR advisor, beginning 6th August 2012 with a lovely starting salary. WAHOO. I made it, three years of hard graph, work experience, expanding my CV and determination and I’m there – employed. It’s a mixture of celebration and relief…and exhaustion.

For any of those still searching I wish you the best of luck! Trying to find a job while struggling with deadlines and dissertations makes final term of third year the most difficult experience I’ve faced so far – and constant rejections just add to the pressure and depression. Keep at it – follow your head and your heart, at the end of the road, you’re in your early twenties and there’s a whole heap of opportunities awaiting…

Pitcher and Piano for Drinks

My Aunt came to visit last Friday and we celebrated the good news in style – she loves Lakeside – the cafe by the Lake at Nottingham Campus, so we initially met up there for a coffee and to put the world to rights. Then it was off to Pitcher and Piano in the evening – a wonderful bar in the city centre on the inside of a church – controversial and modern yet traditional – something I love as a sociologist..and then it was off next door to Iberico for a fabulous evening of quality tapas and wonderful wine. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough; tucked away in a cellar it has an intimate atmosphere, and great quality tapas dishes, to create an enjoyable, laid back and long evening over great food, drink and company. It was the perfect, understated way to celebrate my job and discuss my now brightening future.

Iberico - Highly Reccomended!

With a secure salary on the horizon, it means making plans for spending money becomes a lot more fun; I’m putting my car back on the road for the beginning of June – YAY independence, and scouting out a new cabin luggage case as a present to myself for getting the job. And obviously a whole new professional wardrobe – all very exciting stuff.

But soon enough reality hits – and you’re back in the present. With four weeks to go until dissertation deadline, my head is crammed full on analysis, theory and interview points to draw out. Daily life is mundane, consisting of Hallward Library, the Gym and late night lightbulb moments…but the end is in sight, and I intend to give these last few assignments everything I’ve got…so Back to it! Also..Check out this ingorgraphic – it was sent to me in relation to my post last week on the influence of social media and highlights just how influential Wikepedia has become…

G xxx

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