February 14, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

Lights will guide you home

The cold winds sent shiver down the spines of the passers-by. The darkened atmosphere surrounding the concrete structures of this town would undoubtedly give a solemn impression to any observers. But the brilliant lights shining from these not-so-familiar artworks on that night definitely captivated the attentions of many. And a young lad who had always been attracted to lights decided to make a post about it on the UoN blog.

Hello everybody!

I had a great time last weekend since I get to meet my friends from the UK and Ireland 🙂

Anyway, I wonder if you knew about the event that took place on Friday last week – Nottingham Light Night 2012.

It was really a good night to go out and see all the wonderful dioramas alighted across the City of Nottingham.

Just look at the pictures that I took with my 550D..

Thank to Iman for telling me about the event during the afternoon and thanks to Lutfi for accompanying me to go to this event. He’d always be the one who’d gladly join me in almost any everything that I wanted to do.

The thing is, I only found out about it on the day itself. I personally think that events like this should be highly publicised so more people would know about it. It was really an interesting event and the pictures above are just a small portion of the exhibitions around the city.

Lights will guide you home

It’s fascinating really..in the dark, you would search for something that would grab your attention; like a glimpse of light..to take you into a certain direction, to a destination, to guide you to the right path.

In my opinion, this life is the same. If you fail to see the light, you would forever be lost in the treacherous darkness. That’s why we should keep on going to find the light. So that we won’t be trapped in the dark forever~

being me,

Wafi 😉


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