February 10, 2012, by Mark

Chair-desks & Hot tubs


So it was the New York Giants who came out victorious over the Patriots in Superbowl XLVI winning 21-17 in a very tight game. In true American style we watched the game on a larger than life flat screen with enough wings and hot sauce to feed a small army. Madonna did her thing at half time and the constant commercials were quite something to behold. Here’s one of my favourites:




I have joined the UVA Cavaliers Swim Team who train in one of the most spectacular facilities the University of Virginia has to offer. A sports complex consisting of a 50 metre swimming pool, various gyms and also home to the most expansive hot tub on the East coast of America.

As well as the Superbowl the weekend saw the culmination of the Fraternity house ‘rushing’ process with pledges receiving bids from the houses. This meant one big celebration on Saturday night that saw most of the university come out for the night. This was also the night I discovered the song ‘Red Solo Cup’ by Toby Keith, if you’re curious about American culture you might want to check that one out.



On the academic side I have begun submitting my first papers and I am getting accustomed to the regular homework schedule. I am also getting used to the more discussion based classes, students here are expected and graded on their participation in most classes, something I am not used too. I am still grappling with the all in one desk and chair furniture however, as you can see from the image above they are a struggle for those of us who are left handed.


– Mark J Richardson

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