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Volunteering and an end to the house hunting

Hi everyone,

Had my first day back at volunteering this week! Since the Christmas holidays I’ve had coursework and exams, and then last week was difficult due to being the first week back at university and needing to settle into my timetable properly, and going house hunting… I was a little apprehensive going back to the school on Wednesday because the last time I saw the children was just before Christmas, and they were all suitably excited for the holidays; let’s just say it wasn’t particularly easy to encourage them to sit down and read to me! However this time it all ran reasonably smoothly and it was so nice to be back there and hear their reading improve. I won’t be going next week since it is half term (I forgot such things existed!) but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of it properly.

Another extremely exciting thing that I did on Wednesday was sign the contract for the house that I am going to live in next year! It’s a really nice house that has been completely redone this year so there’s not been anyone living it; it’s reasonably sized and very modern and I think we’re all very happy with it. It’s a particularly great feeling now that we have signed for it, as we no longer have to worry about looking for a house and can get back to concentrating on all the other important things we have to do.

Have a good week,


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