February 5, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

It’s snowing!!!

Hello everybody! I am just in such a good mood this week. A lot of great things happened that I’d like to tell you all.

Firstly, it began to snow heavily yesterday. Alright, I apologize if you’re not so much into snow. But being a student originally from a tropical country where the weather can be either very hot or rainy makes snowing in the UK a big deal. Yes, I have been in the UK for 3 years already but I still get excited when it’s snowing. 😀

Secondly, I have now completed my training to become an Independent Visitor for Barnardo’s, the UK’s leading children charity. It’s actually a volunteering position whereby I would befriend a child for the duration of about 2 years. We would do lots of activities such as bowling, playing frisbee, dining and even eating lots of ice cream. I have to say that my past experiences working with children may have influenced me to apply for this position. In addition, during the training yesterday, the instructor didn’t close the curtains on one of the windows so that we could see if it begins to snow which we could all then go out and have some fun.

Thirdly, I was given the opportunity to conduct a research during the Clinical Phase (the time in the Medical course when students would go to different hospitals to learn)! How awesome is that? Plus, it’s in the field that I have always wanted – Psychiatry! However, the psychiatrist gave me some time to think about it to make sure that I’m really up for it. I’m just so ecstatic when I got the news. Thus, I most probably would grab this rare opportunity ^^

And these are some of the pictures around my house which I took using both Hazel (Sony Ericsson) and 550D (Canon).

I dare you to sit on this chair 😛

That’s all for now. I have an exam this Wednesday. The name of the module is AMC (The treatment and prevention of infection) and I haven’t really completed my revision due to all the excitement from the above list 😛

But anyway, I’m going to strive nonentheless.

Being me ,

Wafi 😉

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