February 7, 2012, by Kay

Model United Nations, Flight tickets and Adjusting your sails

Which one are you?...

I really love this quote. I’m definitely a realist…a complaining realist.

I’ve come to realise the importance of having little pieces of peace in everyday life. All the little things like a tidier room…making sure you get your breakfast every morning can make such a difference.
I think because graduation dates were released recently (JULY 12?! shall be a student no more) it made me reflect a little on what uni has taught me.

When we get Open Days or UCAS Visit Days, a lot of the college kids (I say kids but they’re only a few years younger than us) ask,

“Has it been worth coming to uni with all the fees and that?”

short answer. “YES”

You just learn so much about yourself and of what you can achieve in your life. Have you ever seen the film Lost in Translation? you know that film with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannsson. Well there’s this scene where her character asks him…. in fact you should just watch the scene. [see below youtube link 😉 ]


Having watched this film again recently it just made me think about life after graduation.
Will I do well in my job?
Will I get very far?…

I’ll shut up about that stuff now.

Anyway, this weekend just gone I was visiting my best friend Izzy at Keele University and while I was there I took part in a Model United Nations day simulation where the topic was, ‘The Question of the Rights of Political Prisoners.’ Intense. She recently got elected President of MUN Society there so I went along to see what it was like. I was Chile. Apparently Chile is the regional leader in terms of freedom of speech and press with one of the longest running democracies in the world. Awesome.

Izzy and me in Stoke


I fell in love with MUN straight away. The debates on human rights and whether anyone should ever be held prisoner because of their political beliefs was truly fascinating. Did you know that there is a country called Burkina Faso? The MUN Society at The University of Nottingham has a great reputation. I kick myself that I never got more involved in it from an earlier stage really.

On another note, I booked tickets to go to Hong Kong for five weeks the day after graduation. Hooray! I feel like I can’t be excited for this yet though. Must get that 2:1.

Love, Kay

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