January 10, 2012, by Kay

Procrastinating, monopoly, piles of books and early starts…

Revision periods are a bit like being a candle burning on both ends.  You tell yourself you gotta work late and fend off sleep as much as you can…then get up unhumanly early to work some more (well I try to anyway).

The return to Nottingham was therefore a little sad but optimistic. Home was great, I was getting homesick for a while since I hadn’t seen my family in over 3 months. During the holidays I:

  • Spent quality time with family, over the Wii, Thorntons chocolates and bad Christmas T.V.
  • [Tried to] revise all of my International Trade Policy and Introduction to Political Economy module notes.
  • Wore 4 layers of clothes everyday since mum is rigidly frugal with central heating.
  • Caught up with my best friends who I don’t see enough.
  • Spent New Year’s in Edinburgh with my sisters and my brothers-in-law totally winning (..well actually losing) at Monopoly, drinking
    champagne and watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny

    Somewhere between lecture 6 and lecture 7 of Trade Policy...


One of my Christmas presents- A cushion in the shape of a piece of toast.

As my train came back to Notts one morning on January 4th, the to-do list for the near future changed dramatically, it became:

  • Reduce hours of sleep to 6 hours ( ‘Sleep is for the weak! Sleep is for losers Kay!’)
  • Be in the library every day by no later than 8:30am

So far I’ve kept probably half the promises to myself since I’ve been back but I suppose you try your best to stay on the straight and narrow…

Good luck everyone. Keep at it! Man up!



Totally owning monopoly...


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