January 12, 2012, by Gael

“Always keep your Childish Innocence..It’s the Most Important Thing”

Life, perhaps inevitably after Australia and the excitement the Christmas Period always brings, has slowed the grey and stressful pace that January so often brings to students… Perhaps I am experiencing what they call Reverse Culture Shock where on return to the home country one pines after the routine and specific features of the culture and country they had submerged themselves in; it’s not so much the bright sunshine or laid back way of life that I miss about Australia (although I would love some of that here) it’s more the friendly faces of passer’s by and smiles along every street that seemed so commonplace in Oz, and yet in the UK, especially in January the general public seems exhausted, depressed and with many months of winter darkness and debt to overcome….

And yet through every mundane and slightly lower period of life, it is the moments of surprise and originality that get you smiling again… today I was on the way back from visiting my friend in London, and on the train home there was an elderly gentlemen, perhaps in his early 80’s who was tapping away on his Iphone 4 – thoroughly enjoying himself I realised he was playing Angry Birds, and as I watched him from across the aisle he looked up and flashed me a wonderful smile. It was an insignificant moment – two strangers on public transport, but it is these moments that can brighten your day and reinstate your belief in humanity, humour and enjoyment. I hope I am as technologically aware and making the most out of life as him when I’m in my 80’s…he is an inspiration to us all. It reminds me of a quote from the film Under The Tuscan Sun; ‘Always keep your childish innocence…it’s the most important thing’

Iphone Game - Even Addictive for Pensioners

So apart from pining after Australia and stalking elderly people on trains, my life has consisted of spring cleaning, reading and socialising; I have spent the week unpacking and repacking boxes that have contained my life for the past 2 and a half years while at University – throwing out those ‘useful things that I may use again’ but in reality find myself having 6 of after always forgetting I own the previous one…it’s been therapeutic to have a clear out, and has made me excited to return to UoN for my final semester…arghh! Reading for my dissertation has begun in earnest, and starting next week I aim to write 1000 words a week for it (I’ll keep you updated on how THAT goes!).

While clearing out and reading I’ve been listening to a lot of Radio 1 – one of the big announcements for this week was the arrival of Beyonce’s child  “Blue Ivy” – I guess Ivy is a pretty name…but blue? That’s like me calling my child Pink Frost…although that doesn’t really have the same ring to it. In her favour though she is only about three days old and already has a song written and feat. her – life is precious and beautiful, it’s also hard but it’s a cycle and all worth it in the end….

Beating the Blues with a Fasion MagThe best way to drag yourself out of January Blues is to curl up with Glamour Magazine, meet up with your girlfriends, make plans for the near future to look forward to and keep productive – there’s nothing like feeling fulfilled to beat those blues and within no time it’ll be spring.

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