January 6, 2012, by Gael

Return to England: Jingle Bell Jetlag

I’ve been back in the UK for exactly two weeks now and it’s been crammed full with christmas, new year and new routines. I hope you all had a very merry christmas and a happy new year; for the first time in 4 years I’ve had a christmas break where I haven’t had to revise for January exams and it was really appreciated. Christmas and New Year themselves were quiet, low-key affairs for me, which was just as well seeing as I’ve been struggling with jetlag, and only really returned to normal in the last few days or so. Christmas day was the most fun; after falling asleep at 8:30pm on Christmas Eve, I woke at 2am on Christmas day – it was like being a little kid again, waiting hours for everyone else to wake up to Christmas morning.


I managed to grab a few bargins in the week between Christmas and New Year when I visted my Aunt down in Bristol for 5 days; amongst my purchases was a new laptop, all ready to start dissertationing on, a suit ready for grad scheme interviews, and a thermos mug – for hot caffeine to get me through the intense semester that awaits….

My New Asus Laptop.

I’m currently in a sort of no-mans land; while everyone returns to NG7 (Nottingham Uni and Lenton Post Code) and knuckles down to intense revision or coursework deadlines, I potter along at home in Cambridge; I can’t move into my Share House in Lenton until the end of January when Semester 2 begins and the housemate I’m swapping with begins her semester abroad…but until then I have time to accustom myself to english weather, get over the flu which has struck me hard, visit friends and catch up on the last 5 months, and finish transcribing my interviews in preperation to really get stuck into my dissertation, which really epitomises the next semester workload for me.


On a bright note, I recieved an email today informing me I reached the assessment stage of a graduate scheme I’ve applied for, so I’ll be off for interview at the end of February for that. Exciting! That’s all for this week. G.

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