December 19, 2011, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

A little bit of Arabic and Thai in my week

Hello again,

I’m sure all of you are now back at home, taking a nice break from whatever you’ve been doing since the past several months. Me unfortunately, is still working in the lab. I know, what a bummer~

Well anyway, last Thursday was the last day of the Arabic class which I’ve been taking since the start of the term. It’s the third and final module which I took for the Nottingham Advantage Award. I can’t believe it’s going to end. It’s only been a year since I registered as an Award student. I have to say, Arabic class is definitely something that I always look forward to every week. It’s just because, it really is fun to learn a new language and the tutor knows how to retain the interest of his students. I would love to continue with Part 2 in the next semester but I will enter my Clinical Phase in late February. So, I haven’t really made up my mind yet. Yeah, it’s Clinical Phase 1 next semester; I will now move on to learning in hospitals and meeting up with real life patients which is part of what Medicine is really about.

And yesterday, me & my friends (Akmal Aliff, Syafiq and Haq) went to Amazing Thai to have dinner. It would have been more enjoyable if I am done with my academic workload but still, it’s a nice way to unwind from all the pressure of working in lab. The food is really good! Plus, it’s only a few minutes walk from QMC (Queen’s Medical Centre, the location of my medical school).

This is chicken salad. My favourite.

And this is grilled chicken. Simply scrumptious.










I wish you all a great holiday and have fun 😉


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