Adlan Wafi Ramli

November 2, 2011, by bbasb

My Advantage Award Experience by Adlan Wafi Ramli

After completing my first year as a medical student, I contemplated upon the time that had passed and realised that I hadn’t done that much during my time at the University of Nottingham. That’s when I was determined to do more than just studying for my degree. Upon hearing about the Student Associates Scheme from a friend, I decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t long before I learned about the Nottingham Advantage Award and quickly registered for it.

My friends were slightly puzzled as to why I would go for the Award as in their opinions; the employability of medical graduates is not that competitive compared to others. Nevertheless, I wish to make my stay in Nottingham worthwhile by gaining experiences outside of the medical field.

Being a Student Associate allows me to have an insight on how joyful the life of a teacher could be. Meeting the children at Portland Primary School in Bilborough absolutely lifted my spirits up when I was having a tough time at medical school. Moreover, the experience made me appreciate my teachers more and I became more competent in communicating with children.

In addition to this, I also became a volunteer at Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA). Although the two modules maybe similar in nature, yet in this module, I was given the wonderful opportunity to carry out a research for the betterment of the academy. It was really interesting as my research requires me to conduct group interviews and that was definitely something new to me and a really enjoyable experience.

Last but not least, I chose to learn Arabic. The main reason I applied for this module was to have a deeper understanding of the Holy Quran. In addition, I believe it would be beneficial for me to learn another language as it would help me to converse with people in other countries. After all, when I went to Spain and Turkey last year; the second language that the locals frequently used after their mother tongue was Arabic and I can’t wait to go travelling again once I have become more proficient in the language.

The Nottingham Advantage Award is truly a must-do for all university students regardless of their ambitions. It certainly motivates me to aim high and bloom out of mediocrity.

Adlan Wafi Ramli – 3rd Year BMedSci Medicine

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