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The show must go on

Dear Blogees,

December has arrived! As the weeks draw closer and closer to Christmas, I am getting more and more tired. I am having an absolute blast, and of course am working hard, but I will definitely be welcoming the holidays with open arms, if only for the guilt-free lie ins! Though that said, it won’t all be fun and games over the holidays – I will have coursework and revision to do, but I’m sure one or two days spent mainly in bed won’t do me any harm!

I think a large part of the reason I am so tired is that I spent almost all of last weekend rehearsing for the Musicality show, Monday rehearsing and performing, and the rest of the week celebrating! As I lost my voice for over a week in the run up to the show, I had to cut caffeine, alcohol, dairy and anything overly sugary out of my diet, and even in desperation tried some particularly nasty home remedies such as eating raw onions and gargling with salt water. It was all definitely worth it though, as I had my voice back for the show and it went fantastically! We had a ridiculously large audience and despite some last minute nerves we managed to pull it all off. We performed several numbers from the musicals Miss Saigon, Company, Wicked, Chicago and Parade; I was in the chorus numbers from Miss Saigon, Wicked and Parade, and played Roxie Hart in the song ‘We Both Reached for the Gun’ from Chicago. I have honestly never had so much fun being thrown around… and the whole show was extremely tiring but I couldn’t have chosen a better or more talented bunch of people to enjoy it with!

Long live the Musicality love <3


PS- photos and videos to come!

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