December 1, 2011, by Gael

Results and Rainforest Tours

Vibrant flower found in the outskirts of the rainforest, reaching for the light.

So this week began with the grades for my courses this semester at UQ being released; I gained two grades 7’s (the equivalent of a 1st and UoN) and a grade 6 (the equivalent of a 2.1). These grades top off what has been an incredibly enlightening semester abroad – not only has it expanded my academic horizons but also my cultural understanding.

Although the academic semester is over, I am continuing to expand my cultural awareness through exploring the richness and wealth of Australia. This week I have travelled North to Cairns on the East Coast of Australia – temperatures have been a toasty 31C with a humidity index of at least 70% – it feels very surreal to be topping up my tan in gorgeous sunshine, while admiring Christmas lights and decorations.

I spent a few days in Port Douglas (about an hour outside of Cairns) which borders the Daintree Rainforest – I spent a day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and found the sights of the underworld mesmerising. It’s so colourful, vibrant and exploding with life – I followed fish for hours and was mesmerised by the reef itself and the sheer size, depth and mystical beauty of it. I also spent a day exploring the Rainforest, including Cape Tribulation which boasted opportunities to see two world heritage sites (the Rainforest and the Reef) lying side by side –the only place in the world this can be experienced. It was an awe-inspiring trip and really highlighted the beauty and secrets mother-nature holds, from the depths of the ocean to the tops of the trees.

The Mangroves of the Rainforest - the noises were amazing!

While travelling is fun, I am continuing to get to grips with my dissertation – as a final year student while classes may be complete for a semester, the reading continues, as does the planning and preparation my biggest piece of academic work to date. I’m in for a long weekend – but the warm sunshine, and colourful images of the past week act as great inspiration.

Have a great week! Gael.

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