November 24, 2011, by Gael

Learning about learning

While assessments begin to pile up back home at UoN, and the cold of winter days begins to really take its bite, I have been enjoying the increasingly humid weather of a Brisbane Summer, and finishing what has been a spectacular semester here at UQ. Term and exams ended on Saturday, and move out from the college – IH – which has been my home for the past 4 months is complete…and now it’s time to travel.

However, as I’m currently in limbo I thought I would use this week to share with you a module I really enjoyed during my semester at UQ… I have a keen interest in other cultures and international awareness, during my time at UQ I have been enrolled on an Aboriginal Module which discusses the different approaches and acquisitions of knowledge in aboriginal communities.

An example of aboriginal art; in indigenous communities art is used to share and transfer knowledge


This has opened my eyes to the ways in which different cultures approach knowledge and education, and that conflict between cultures often arises from a lack of communication or understanding for these traditional differences. The way classes are taught here is somewhat different to the University of Nottingham; there is a lot more focus on group project and discussion at UQ which benefits me in some ways as it improves my team skills and presents a different and interesting way of learning, however I feel that UoN’s focus on more individual research with some support from group work is more appropriate for University level as it encourages a more in-depth analysis. This experience has encouraged me to reflect on these different ways of learning and solidified what is more comfortable for me. This past weekend a few friends and I explored Stradebroke Island  – the great thing about study abroad is that almost every weekend is an adventure as you explore the society and country that surrounds you and learn from it.

I’ll send across some sunshine and motivating thoughts to the UK – 5 weeks today till I arrive in Heathrow – get excited for a christmassy post next week! G

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