November 22, 2011, by Kay

From Hallward to Nandos: Dissertation Nightmares to Chicken Goodness

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Hooray!! My dissertation proposal has been approved!! Words cannot describe the mammoth weight that lifted off my shoulders last Wednesday!

In the Economics with Chinese stream, the dissertation is 6000-8000 words in an area related to China. By Wednesday I needed to have chosen my research topic, my dissertation title, my research methods and my thesis structure.

….just the thought of this had me silently screaming ‘ARGGGHH!!!’ as I literally couldn’t decide on anything for a very long time 🙁

Eventually I stuck massive pieces of flipchart paper on my wall, got some crayola pens and visually planned my work.

Definitely found this easier as I usually like to mind-map my work.

Over 7 days I eventually came up with my title and wrote the 1000 words I needed in Hallward Library (the biggest library on main campus and the second home to many students on a deadline).

…only 7000 words to go. (ARGHHH!)

Aside from this I also caught up with my coursemates in Nando’s this week.

I totally forgot how much I LOVE the wild herb sauce on their chicken–> AMAZING!

I also went to a popular Indian restaurant  in town called Tamatanga’s on Thursday where I got a fantastic lamb curry dish with rice (I bet my photo is making you hungry right now).

Hopefully this week I can crack on with another 1000 words. Take it one step at a time!

Lamb Muglai and Rice from Tamatanga


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