November 20, 2011, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

just another great week in my life

Hi readers!

Yeah, I survived my first exam of the year! The module (subject) is called REM, Research Methods. I think it went quite alright although I’m not that confident that I will score high. Anyway, speaking of examinations, I once remembered submitting a quotation to my previous college, KMB (Kolej MARA Banting or MARA College Banting, MCB) to represent my experience studying in the UK. As it was exam period when I submitted the quotation, I actually wrote something related to the style of examination at The University of Nottingham. This was what I wrote at the end of my 1st year:

Let us help in making the world greener,
Saving all those trees, logs and timber;
In Nottingham, when exams are around the corner,
You’ll go online and say bye-bye to paper.

During that time, I was so excited to do my exams online instead of the traditional way of using paper. Moreover, after asking some of my friends around the UK, not all of them have the privilege to undertake their examinations online. And I have to say that it was truly a delightful new experience. Oh right, not all of the exams are online. I do have to undertake some exams in paper. But of course, I prefer online than paper 😉

Several years have passed and even though it may seem cool to do online examination, the dreadful feeling of facing it still persists =P

Besides that, my birthday was actually several weeks ago but to my surprise, I still get gifts from my wonderful friends.

This is from Lutfi! A really cool gift =)

And I got this t-shirt from Afif. I just love the colour

And yesterday, I went to ExCeL London for the Twins of Faith Conference. It was very enlightening to hear talks from inspiring speakers. Nouman Ali Khan was one of them!











Well, that was my week and it was a blast! I hope you’ve had a good one too…

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