June 2, 2023, by Habbi Liton

Volunteers’ Week: Term 2 Leaders in Focus

As we continue our celebrations for Volunteers’ Week, we focus this time on three outstanding student leaders who have gone above and beyond this term.

Every year UoN Sport is greatly committed to making an impact in Nottingham’s local community through our many volunteering opportunities. We aim to support children from local schools by educating them on health & wellbeing and helping them develop different sets of skills through sports. Our work would not be possible without the amazing student volunteers that dedicate their time to make an impact and share their passion about their sport. Leader in Focus is here to celebrate all our volunteers, and this term there were three people that really stood out in their role. Congratulations to Ebony Rowe, William Jibogu and Josie Cunnington! 

We asked our winning volunteers to share what is like to volunteer with children, so here is a little bit about what they do and their take on it. 


Ebony is a Sport for Good volunteer who decided to volunteer as a way of interacting with her local community – finding it to be an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people whilst improving her own personal and professional development. 

Over the course of the Sport for Good programme, my leadership and confidence have massively increased, leading and engaging large groups of children into sports activities focused on certain skills. I have gained and strengthened a whole host of skills throughout the programme which I too will carry throughout both my life and career. This experience has massively contributed to my development of inter-personal skills which equip me in both my personal and professional roles and ultimately has made me a confident and adaptive leader. Sport for Good is a boundless opportunity to make a positive impact on the local community and allowed me to contribute to a greater cause.”  


William has been an amazing volunteer throughout his involvement in Sports in Schools. He has engaged in sessions, enjoying the aspect of teaching and inspiring the younger generation.  

“Volunteering has made me more confident – in some sessions we had minimal or no intervention from teachers and had to deal with kids that would distract others. This has honed my ability to be stern and authoritative yet to remain kind and likable. I think everyone should volunteer at some point to understand what it means to sacrifice for the good of others with no payment. It can also provide skills that would not otherwise be learned.” 


Josie is a member of UoN rowing, helping to deliver the sport in schools. The programme allows kids who may have never had the chance to experience the sport – teaching the children valuable skills such as teamwork and determination.  

“My favourite part about volunteering has to be the individuals – there are some kids and stories that you never forget! I think it is amazing how everyone can find their ‘thing’ that can almost change the way they live and help improve their lives the tiniest bit. It makes you appreciate life from young eyes as you watch them marvel in this new sport and the skills that they are learning. It reminds you why you chose the sport again and rekindles your passion that the hard work brings.” 

Get Involved 

Our Sport in Schools and Sport for Good programs have been especially beneficial to children within the local community. In fact, 572 pupils across 17 schools have received fun sports sessions from our volunteers.  

If you would like to get involved and volunteer through one of our programmes, join us for term 3! Check out the Leadership Academy Website as well as the Sport for Good Page. If you have any questions, please join the Leadership Academy Facebook Page. 

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