June 6, 2022, by Grace Dixon

Leader in Focus: Cameron Barrie

We are continuing the celebrations of National Volunteer Week today! Here at UoN Sport, we offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities to ensure that there is something for everyone. You have the option to volunteer within the university and with your peers however, you can also volunteer within the local community. This provides a unique opportunity to get involved and leave a long-lasting impact on the community you live in while at university. It is often easy to feel detached from the local community, but it does not have to remain like this for your whole time at UoN.

Today we will be hearing from Cameron Barrie. Cameron volunteers within the local community as a football coach at the Wollaton Arrows FC Under 16s.

Favourite Thing About Volunteering

I think my favourite thing about coaching was seeing the player progression through training and then in matches. It was something to be quite proud of. Not to mention the laughs and jokes shared with parents and players.

Hardest Thing About Volunteering

I think the hardest part was the first couple of sessions. Being my first time coaching, I was a bit timid about whether or not what I was doing was even helpful or being enjoyed. But after some feedback I was much more confident in my delivery and enjoyed every session after that.

Important Things to Remember

I think the most important things to remember when volunteering is to always communicate with whoever you’re providing a session to or working with. For me, it was so important to simply ask the player what they wanted to do, what they liked and what they wanted to improve, and I would apply that to the next session. This helps so much with confidence when doing your sessions as you know that what you’re delivering is being appreciated.

Benefits of volunteering

I think volunteering has helped me approach new situations where I’m leading, in a different way. Volunteering has proven that when leading it’s important that you never put yourself above who you are working with, otherwise there is a disconnect between yourselves and I think that is the most important thing that I have learnt.

Why Should Others Volunteer

If you’re unsure if you want to do volunteering, then I think you should definitely do it. If you can imagine yourself doing it, then do it. The experience itself is worth it and you’ll end up enjoying it. If you’re unsure if you’d be able to do it then don’t stop there, so some research and get support from the university and I’m sure they’d help out.

Get Involved

A massive congratulations to Cameron for being such a positive influence on the local community. Everyone he has coached will be incredibly grateful for the time and effort he has spent with them.

If you want to start volunteering and think what Cameron has done sounds fun, you can find out more on the Leadership Academy Website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Leadership Academy Facebook Page.


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